Calling Cash Buyer Agents Using Mojo and RESimpli Script | Wholesaling Real Estate | Aqua Team

Calling Cash Buyer Agents Using Mojo and RESimpli Script | Wholesaling Real Estate | Aqua Team

By Courtney Rollins
Hey, what’s going on, everyone? This is Courtney Rollins from the Aqua Team. Hope everyone’s well. We’re back here at our YouTube channel. Again, this channel here dedicated to showing our journey as we continue to build our wholesale company. It’s our path to financial freedom to be able to do the amazing things that we want to do in the world, and it gives us a great sense of joy to be accomplishing, working with something. We have a tremendous amount of gratitude for the actual right now. This YouTube channel is designed to show you what we’re doing.

Wholesaling is the act or the art of finding discounted properties.

What’s wholesaling? Wholesaling is the act or the art of finding discounted properties. It is an amazing way or path for us and for you to reach financial freedom. I’m sure if you’re looking at this channel, you already know the benefits of real estate investing when it comes to building generational wealth and increasing or replacing your income from your more traditional W2’s.

One great source for finding these deals comes from realtors. Now, realtors and real estate investors seem to have this contentious, I guess, history together, but actuality, there is a great, great, great synergy that could take place when a realtor and an investor work together. You both are in the art of solving problems, and both are charged with making these transactions, which can be crazy sometimes, look easy and simple. If me, as an investor, come in with my tool and the only thing I have in my tool box is, let’s say, a hammer, my hammer is I can offer you cash, we close, bang, bang, bang.

Well, not every seller needs that. Some sellers want the time. Some sellers want top dollar. Some sellers are willing to do the things they need to do to make sure that they get the exact amount of money they want to get out of there, and those sellers deserve to have a great realtor representing them if they’re not going to do it themselves. Me, if I have realtors who are friends or connections, professional connections, I can support my seller and meet their needs by helping them with a referral, and the more value you add, it always comes back. Now there are ways that you can structure deals to make sure you monetize it. There are a lot of people who say you should do that, and I firmly believe, as well, but I also believe if you just put in the work, and you add value, and you go the extra mile… oh, I’m reading this Napoleon Hill, and it talks about going the extra mile, his conversation with Carnegie and stuff… then it’s going to come back to you.

All right, so long story, la, la, la, this is for a member of my team. I’m so glad you’re sitting and watching this [Wina 00:02:44] at this time, because what’s up, Wina? How’s it going? If there’s someone else who’s looking at this video, because we want to be able to be efficient with our time and have training videos that we can use over and over again, hello, to you, as well.

Cold Calling Cash Buyer Agents

But right now, I just want to show you the version of our script we’re using, where we’re actually calling cash buyer realtors. That’s the connection. Realtors can be great referrals, because if you’re talking to sellers all the time, it’s just a one-on, one-off. You talk to the seller quite often. If we’re able to purchase the property, awesome. There are some times we have multiple properties purchased from the same seller, but that’s far and few between. But a realtor, this person, if you have a relationship with them, they could give you five deals a year, extra deals, and what’s that? 10,000, $20,000 an assignment, that could be 50,000, 100,000 added to your bottom line, which is amazing. So it’s important for us to contact these realtors and let them know, “Hey, we have off-market deals. If you have buyers, come snatch them up.”

Then the same with us, we can also send them opportunities that don’t fit our buying criteria. Let me see if I can share my screen. No telling what’s going to pop up on the screen when I share it. All right, yep. We’re at our cash buyers script. If you are watching this, and you want to check it out, yeah, hit me up. I’ll send you a link to a Google that you can do whatever you want to it so that you can… Yeah, hopefully, it’ll be helpful to you. Wina and people on the team, you’ll notice it’s very similar to the cash buyers script, as well, same process. We talk about that flow, that disruption, and let them know who you are and setting the rules.

Example Script

“Hey, it’s Courtney from the Aqua Team. Yeah, sorry to call you out of the blue, but I see you recently represented a buyer for a property in one of our markets. As an investor in wholesaling, we have deeply discounted off-market properties and just would love to see if you or your clients may be interested.” Look at this, you all seeing behind the scenes. I am going to add, “Sorry for calling you out of the blue.” Yep, and then, “Is this a bad time?” I love giving people an opportunity to say, “No,” Chris Voss and his work, never split the difference in allowing people to feel a sense of control and allowing them to say, “No,” which is important. We’re disrupting them. I think it’s pretty awesome. That’s why I added those two in there.

Let’s go back in. “Hey, it’s Wina,” or, “Hey, it’s Courtney from the Aqua Team. I’m sorry to call you out of the blue, but I see you recently,” and you can say this in the tone where you’re like, “I’m just checking. You recently represented a buyer for a property in one of our markets. We’re investors and wholesalers, and we have deeply discounted off-market properties. I’d love to see if you or any of your clients may be interested. Is this a bad time?” “No, it’s a good time. What’s going on?” “Okay, cool, cool. So you’re representing cash buyers? Yes, great.” Then that’s where you go into this inquiry. This is not necessarily in order, but it’s us trying to discover, do you really want to know, do they represent cash buyers, and can you put our deals in front of them so they can buy it through you.

All right. That’s the crux of the matter. Are they looking for deals then? You may have the deal that you’re pushing out. Are they doing deals in 21223 ZIP codes, or just anywhere is good? How can I send the information to you, what we have about the properties we have in your area? Email, text? I guess no one’s here, add text. Then you can take their email address and you can take their text. What would you like? Would you like us to contact you when we have new investment properties? There you can share the link to our web address, all right, I thought I already had that up here, but again, you all are seeing behind the scenes.

The ATP Cold Calling Cash Buyer Agents Process

Now when it goes over there, oh man, I got to shout out to Ms. Gail, our office assistant. Oh, and Rachel, wow. A lot of people are a part of this process. Wina, you’re at the process of setting them up and this is what it looks like. Again, there’re just steps that you go through. Log into the Mojo. That’s what we use. Hit that power dollar, just using the steps we’ve outlined in past videos. Then the important thing is when you’re in Mojo and you’re taking those notes, I want you to label each of the notes at the top, cash buyer agent. This is going to make the lead manager’s job so much easier when they see it come across their desk in RESimpli. Then of course, take all the relevant notes there, particularly getting their email address and how they want it sent, their information.

Make sure you click, post, before you hit buyers list, because if you hit buyers list, that information shoots onto our CRM without the notes, so make sure you hit, post, and then you can select buyers list after you get all the relevant information in there. That’s awesome. You did a great job. Now we go on to the office assistant, well, the lead manager and the office assistant. This is where Rachel and Wina come in. As lead manager, you’ll see these properties come in overnight. That’s your job. You look at it, you score it and you put it out. Well, you’ll see these cash buyers come in, because they’ll be labeled, cash buyer agent. You’ll be able to tell it through the notes.

Then you’ll task Gail or the office assistant with that new cash buyer or that new cash buyer agent, same process, the buyer or the agent. Now the office assistant, what I want you to do is make sure that that lead, the numbers match. Sometimes when the leads come in from Mojo, the phone numbers don’t match, and sometimes we don’t have a campaign number to call them, connect. You’ll just do both of those steps, two and three, which is basically editing and making sure you have the right phone number there, and that we have a number we can call, too. You already have instructions on that in the past right there, so I won’t go too deep into that.

The office system sends this SMS or email, preferably an SMS message. It looks something like this, “Hey John,” or, “Hey, Wina,” or whoever it is, “my team let me know you’re interested in discounted investment properties. You can check out the off-market deals here,” and then that specific deal. If you’re pushing 123 Main Street, send the link there. Out of that, also, “Feel free to sign up to our buyers list here.” Then you can link again, “Let’s stay in touch, and we look forward to doing business together.”

We’re going to do this from Shenita, because she’s the disposition manager on our team and co-founder and partner of Aqua Team. Now the office assistant will then task the disposition manager, Shenita, to follow up with this cash buyer a week later. This time duration may change as we go on, but let’s try a week later right now. Then you’re going to set yourself two tasks. You’re going to set yourself one task to check that SMS again later that day, because they may have responded, and we have to be responsive to their response. Then set it again for the next day to check and see if they respond the next day. Then after that, really, that lead should be in the hands of the disposition manager.

Oh, there’s one other thing up here. Oh my goodness. Lead manager, Rachel, you’re also going to, “The lead manager tags to the lead cash buyer agent, and then the city/state.

For instance, AG, for example, let’s add, “Cash buyer agent, Baltimore,” and then that’ll be the tag. That’s great, because when we need to find cash buyer agents, we can know they’re buying in Baltimore. If they’re buying all over, you say, “Cash buyer is Maryland,” but that should work right there. All right. Sorry to throw that on you last minute, but there it is. Okay, let me stop babbling, because I think we got it right there. Let’s make this happen. All right, that’s the script, cool.

Let’s check out the system. It’s fun making this world with you all. It’s been awesome chatting with you. All right, rising tides.

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